Saturday, July 14, 2012

All About Ami

Quite often I get asked general questions about myself.…so here are some Ami facts I thought I would share!

I like my banana bread with lots of butter
I love turbulence on a plane
I’d rather have a great burger than a steak
I'm from Alberta Canada
I was never attractive until my late 20’s
I laugh at Ellen’s jokes
I like to double dip my chicken wings
I'm not a fan of crowds..but love to entertain in my home
I am a fantastic Mom!
I do not wear make-up in public
I drink green tea and protein shakes daily
My favorite number is 4
I’m a business woman
I lived in Mexico for 3 years 
I went to a movie theatre for the first time in 4 yrs last week
I work out at home
I’m a Virgo
I do not watch much TV
I do not shop at Wal-Mart
I have been an online model since 2004
(but took a long break in-between)
My favorite states in the USA are Montana and Texas
I drink Red Wine daily
I believe in Karma
Once I start eating popcorn I cannot stop
I love smarties
I like strong coffee
It takes me over 2 minutes to swallow a pill
I make the best scrambled eggs and cheese
Name brands do not mean much to me

Well... that's a few :)