Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Loving the Vitamin D!

So, some of you know that I have relocated down south to Mexico for the winter. The number one question I get asked is “Why would you do that”? My answer to them is “Why not”? I came here for some “stress-free” living, beautiful weather, good food, and amazing, kind, loyal, loving people. And everyday I am still finding out more reasons why I love it here!!I have a BIG, beautiful beach house with a VERY private yard. I can be naked all day long and not worry about anyone seeing me. Well with the exception of the pool boys, who like to visit me quite often (giggles). Make sure you check out my PICTURES and I have taken since I have been here on STREAMATE. You will love them!! See you soon.


  1. Hello Ami! I am your first devoted follower! Sorry I had to ditch you - but can I give you my e-mail so I can start checking out for something to get you from Yandy?

    Thank you for all your beautiful service stealing away my loneliness. Lots of kisses! - Kendrick

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